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How to Handle Improperly Delivered Mail

Posted on February 9, 2016 by Jennifer Frey in Uncategorized

How to Handle Improperly Delivered Mail

Being as it is tax season, many companies are mailing necessary documents to persons. It is important to each and every one of us to receive those documents to file our taxes accurately. It is very unfortunate if you moved and forgot to forward your mail or change your address with that company. It is scenarios just like this that make it vitally important to handle wrongly received mail correctly.

Do you receive mail that is not addressed to you? Do you know how to properly handle that mail? Do you know how to handle packages of the same sort? Many people don’t know the proper way to handle these, resulting in a pile on their table, bringing items to our office, or just throwing it away. None of these options are the proper way to handle someone else’s mail.

According to the USPS, the method to handle mail and packages received that do not belong to you is as follows:

  1. Write clearly, in large letters,and not on top of other wording “Return to Sender. Wrong Address.”
  2. Draw one large “X” over your address. Do not scribble out the address. The one “X” symbolizes to the sender that, that is the incorrect address. It allows them to see this incorrect address to remove it from their records.
  3. Place the mail or package in your mail or drop off at a post office to be returned.


In addition to these steps, you can aid yourself in stopping the receipt of unwanted mail by leaving a note for your postal carrier listing the names of the current residents to leave mail for or specific names of persons to not leave mail for. See examples below.

“Please leave mail for only John Doe and Jane Doe.”

“Please do not leave mail for James Doe, Johnny Doe, Julie Doe.”


If you have further questions, speak with your mail carrier or call USPS.



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