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Allergy Season is here… Is it beating you?

Posted on April 21, 2017 by Jennifer Frey in Uncategorized

Allergy Season is here… Is it beating you?

Allergy Pollen Field

With allergy season among us, many people are suffering. Rather it is from the pollen, pet dander, or others, there is no escaping it. We decided to put together a short list of suggestions to help with the problem.

Tips to help with your allergy symptoms

  1. Pollen counts are highest in the mornings. Try to avoid spending extended amounts of time outside early in the day.
  2. Close your doors and windows and run your air conditioning, both in your home and your vehicle. While we know the fresh air can be tempting and the lower electric bill can be an even bigger draw, your health and comfort should come first.
  3. Don’t hang your laundry outside to air dry. You are just inviting all those allergens into your home.
  4. Change your air filter more frequently during high allergen periods. Be sure to use HEPA filters as well.
  5. Try a dehumidifier. Keeping the air dry will help. Moisture in the air attracts allergens.
  6. Vacuum more frequently and use a HEPA filter in it as well.
  7. Soap up that hair daily. Hair holds pollen. Hair with product in it is a trap of pollen.
  8. Wash your bedding at least weekly. Be sure to use the hot water washing cycle.

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