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It’s Grill Season!

Posted on May 23, 2017 by Jennifer Frey in Uncategorized

It’s Grill Season



Do you know the rules of grill season?

We love grilling season. For us, grill season means sunny weather, lakes, bonfires, quality time with friends and family and so much more. As always, we want to take just a moment to remind our tenants to be safe when partaking in all the fun summer offers.

Please be sure you are aware of and following the policy on grills. The City of Lincoln has a fire code, International Fire Code 2006 Edition One, in which the burning of charcoal or propane grills within ten feet of combustible construction, in apartments or multifamily dwellings of more than two units, is not allowed. What does that mean to you? NO GRILLING on your balcony or patio if you reside in a multifamily dwelling.

When storing your grills, please use the following storing methods. Please store charcoal, lighter fluid, and lighting mechanisms separate from each other. Please remove the propane tank from the grill and store separately.


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