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Good Samaritan Alert – Acts of Kindness

Posted on August 6, 2019 by Jennifer Frey in maintenance, property management, rental, Uncategorized

Good Samaritan Alert – Acts of Kindness

It is not often we, as a society, find and recognize an opportunity to show appreciation for the acts of kindness we witness. Everyone is consistently wrapped up in their lives, getting through their days, doing their best to succeed in all aspects of their dreams. I choose to believe that many people are finding a random moment in their lives to spread joy, show kindness, and give freely. All too often someone is struggling with something and a stranger comes along, shows just a touch of kindness, and changes their day, brings that someone a smile, and perhaps helps them get through their struggle, if even for a moment.

Everyday we receive police reports detailing calls on any of the properties we manage. Today is no different in receiving those emails. The difference is in the details. Today I reviewed a police report with pleasure as it gave me reassurance that the good Samaritan lives on.

Today I want to recognize one of our tenants. I’m not sure which tenant is was. Today I read that a tenant submitted a lost wallet to the police department to return to the rightful owner. Today I believe someone will get their wallet back and gain some relief in a situation that surely brought on stress and headache. Today someone else is grateful to a stranger. Today someone else is grateful for a stranger’s honestly.

Today is a great day to share an act of kindness. Give a smile, a compliment, buy an extra coffee, send flowers, leave a hidden note, do the extra chore, pick up dinner, tape a few coins to a vending machine, give to a charity, pick up some litter, etc.

Any act of kindness makes a difference to someone, maybe even to you!



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