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Nebraska Real Estate Investment Solutions, Inc. employees are here to help you. Each member of our team will do his or her best to assist you in any way he or she can with whatever your needs may be.  Depending on your needs, you may need to speak with a specific person. Below you will see a list of employees to better help you determine with whom you would like to speak with.

For application processing, please speak to the administrative assistant, Betsy Jett.

For current or past tenants, please speak to your specific property manager, Kimberly Bell or Jennifer Frey. Please note, if Kimberly is unavailable, you can also speak with Stephanie Clardy.

For accounting, please speak to Melannie Atteberry.

For rental availability, please speak to our leasing agent, Sam Kroeker. If a leasing agent is unavailable, any of our team members will be happy to assist you.

For potential property management, please speak to Kimberly Bell.

For any other reason or if you are unsure of whom you need to speak to, please speak to the administrative assistant. The administrative assistant will be happy to connect you with the best person suited for your needs.


Betsy Jett
Administrative Assistant
  • Office: 402-435-5000
  • Fax: 402-435-5022

Jennifer Frey
Property Manager, Human Resources
  • Office: 402-435-5000 Ext. 103
  • Fax: 402-435-5022

Kimberly Bell
  • Office: 402-435-5000 Ext. 101
  • Fax: 402-435-5022

Matt M, Matt D, Dave H.
Maintenance Personnel
  • Office: 402-435-5000
  • Fax: 402-435-5022

Melannie Atteberry
  • Office: 402-435-5000 Ext. 102
  • Fax: 402-435-5022

Sam Kroeker
Leasing Agent
  • Office: 402-435-5000 Ext. 104
  • Fax: 402-435-5022

Stephanie Clardy
Assistant Property Manager
  • Office: 402-435-5000 Ext. 106
  • Fax: 402-435-5022