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Property Management

Property Management

We offer residential management and commercial management services for your investment property in Lincoln, Nebraska. We handle the day-to-day operation of your investment property. This includes leasing, rent collection, tenant interaction, maintenance requests, accounting and all other business operations.

Leasing – We handle the leasing of apartments, condos, duplexes, houses, and commercial space. Our leasing agents are available to show your property Monday through Friday and by appointment on the weekends. Our leasing agents are versed not only in leasing and landlord tenant law, but also in your property. Each agent takes the time to learn about your property enabling him/her to showcase the qualities most suited to a potential tenant. Applicants are screened using a specific rental qualification process. While following landlord/tenant law, we process credit checks, rental history verification, income verification, and criminal and sex offender background checks on each applicant.

Rent Collection & Tenant Interaction– We collect rental payments from your tenants and handle the bank transactions. We work with your tenants to ensure each one is able to meet the terms of the rental agreement and enjoy their home. We also handle the exit of every tenant, from proper notice, eviction, deposit reconciliation, and maintenance turnover to prepare for new tenants.

Maintenance Requests & Building Upkeep – Our property managers handle each maintenance request from tenants. They also preform periodic inspections to ensure your building is receiving any preventive maintenance to keep your overall costs down and protect your investment. Our maintenance team consists of skilled technicians who take pride in the quality of work provided on your property all while keeping your maintenance costs down. The technicians provide service weekdays from 8am-5pm and emergency service 24/7. When a specific trade vendor is necessary, our managers know who to call. They have superb work relations with a variety of vendors to ensure your investment property is receiving the highest quality of care. Our staff represents you in an ethical and professional manner while upholding landlord/tenant law as well as city code.

Accounting – Our bookkeeping team will provide you with end of the month reports using asset and property management software by Appfolio. Appfolio provides the leading software programs in property management.  At month’s end, we will email your reports directly to you along with your owner proceeds. We have a set grouping of reports we send each month which include cash flow, general ledger, maintenance report, accounts payable, and rent roll. We can also provide a variety of other reports as requested. We will pay all of your monthly bills. Upon request, we will to pay your mortgage and real estate taxes.